May 5, 2008

Limbo Skating by 5 Year Old

On Sunday, a five-year-old skater from Puducherry, India has successfully glided under cars moving at snail's pace, in a bid to set a Guinness Record. P Obeadh, the five-year-old boy repeated the limbo skating performance 105 times in less than 45 minutes in a Pondicherry beach.

Amidst cheers from friends and amazed onlookers, P Obeadh, with his legs wide apart and chin nearly touching the ground, glided through the eight-inch gap under the cars. He skated under five cars, repeating it 20 times (for each car) and reached the target.

Obeadh, the eldest son of Packianathan and Jayabharathi, started learning skating at the age of three. But after learning martial arts from Staline, who is the Puducherry Taekwondo Sports Association founder-general secretary, the boy wanted to take set records. Obeadh is studying in Standard I at Amalorpavam Higher Secondary School.

Prior to this feat, Obeadh underwent a rigorous training of skating under a rope placed 6.5 inches above the ground. After this, he practised limbo skating under moving vehicles for the last one month, putting in a minimum of four hours of practice every day.


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