May 4, 2008

World's Largest Portrait

A Chinese company is printing a huge photograph for the celebration of Mother's Day, which is believed to be the world's biggest portrait. The size of this portrait is 9,000 sq meters and it features a mum's smiling face. The portrait is so big that, it is impossible to print in one piece of paper. So it is now being printed on rolls of paper which will be put together to make up the giant portrait.

The Chongqing Changhong Printing Company, a Chongqing city-based firm is working round the clock for the last 20 days to finish the picture in time for the May 11 Mother's Day celebration in China.

Mr Li, Director of the Printing Company has already filed a bid to get into Chinese record books. He said: "We wanted to find the perfect mother's smile in this city."

According to Ananova, the project will cost more than £70,000 and it took three months to find the right woman to pose for the photograph. This huge portrait will consume 4.4 tonnes of inkjet paper.


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