May 9, 2008

Old man walks 600 miles to see Son

A 72-year-old Chinese man walked for 71 days and covered more than 600 miles to visit his son in prison. The pensioner, whose name was not disclosed, had planned to take the train but had his savings stolen shortly after leaving home. So, he started walking from his hometown at Taihe town, Anhui province, to the prison at Lianping town, Guangdong province.

"I didn't see him for two years. I am here to visit him and tell him not to worry about me and transform himself for good, while in prison," the man said to the prison wardens.

The old man begged all the way to the prison and sometimes ate rotten food from bins, during his journey. Prison wardens were so touched by his story that they even broke the rules, to allow him to see his son. Later, Xie Fei, the son, revealed that his father is actually is his adoptive father, as his real parents died when he was ten. The prison wardens arranged a train ticket for safe return journey of the old man.


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