May 8, 2008

Keyboards are dirtier than Toilet

A new study in UK has found that most of computer keyboards are dirtier than toilet seats and poses a considerable health risk. Keyboards are homes for harmful bacteria and an easy way for bacteria transmission from one person to another.

Microbiologist James Francis from Kingmoor Technological Services in Carlisle, UK examined swab from 33 computers, a toilet seat and a toilet door handle all from the same UK office. When swabs were tested, the researcher found that 4 of them contain a seriously hazardous level of bacteria, while 1 keyboard swab contained 5 times more germs than the toilet seat did. That keyboard apparently harboured 150 times over the level of acceptable bacteria.

The research also involved a survey on how often people cleaned their keyboards along with washing their hands after trips to the bathroom. These results revealed that 11 percent never cleaned their keyboards, 46 percent cleaned them less than once a month and only 29 percent cleaned their keyboards regularly.

James Francis suggests that lack of proper lunch breaks is responsible for the contamination and says more and more people are eating at their desks and are transferring food from hand to mouth. The results of this study reminds us that cleanliness is important for personal hygiene. So, clean your keyboard regularly.


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