May 17, 2008

Climate change is altering the Earth

The climate change is altering the whole systems of Earth! A new study led by NASA, have found that climatic changes induced by humans have affected the the world with increasing temperature, at a much faster pace than previously thought. The climatic change affected both the flora & fauna and the physical environment of the world.

The study was based on a database of more than 29,000 data series coming from about 80 studies, with at least 20 years of records between 1970 and 2004. Scientists noticed that due to change in climate and global warming, there are many changes in biological systems such as leaves unfolding and flowers blooming at a faster pace, birds migrating earlier and plant and animal species moving towards the Earth's poles and higher altitudes.

In addition to global effects, the study also linked climate changes caused by humans with effects on individual continents like North America, Europe and Asia.


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