May 14, 2008

Visiting New Zealand and Accommodation

Want to visit New Zealand? And now planning about your accommodation? Wait, don't go for expensive accommodations, as there are lost of cheap and good quality hotels in New Zealand. You can get accommodation for as little as USD$19.00. All you need to do is find the right connection. And Internet is always there to help you. Visit CheaperThanHotels New Zealand ( and find cheap hotels at most popular destinations in New Zealand.

CheaperthanHotels New Zealand is an online hotel reservation service, operated in association with, on behalf of, and for hotel operators, key hotel chains, and HotelClub, who are part of Orbitz Worldwide. Their network provides online reservations for more than 70,000 hotels in 130 countries. So, they are definitely a reliable source to book a hotel.

Let's talk about some favorite destinations in New Zealand. First Auckland, the dream destination with beaches, islands and a sunny climate. In Auckland Accommodation starts from USD$19.00 at Base ACB and you can enjoy luxury of five-star from USD$123.00 at the Hyatt Regency Auckland. CheaperthanHotels New Zealand can also provide budget accommodation for travellers with a tight budget.

Then, Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. With a beautiful harbor and forested hills, Wellington is a great place to visit. It is also famous for it's arts and culture. You can get a good Wellington Accommodation just for USD$62.00 at Nomads Capital Wellington. And if you want the luxury of five-star hotels, you can start it from USD$205.00.

And if you love mountains, you must visit Aoraki Mount Cook National Park of Christchurch. I am sure that you will get the opportunity to enjoy some of the most spectacular views of your life. Get a Christchurch Accommodation and enjoy the mountains!

Similarly, you can get cheap accommodation in Hamilton, Queenstown, Napier and all other major destinations in New Zealand. One of my friends got a cheap Queenstown Accommodation just for USD$19.00 at the Base Discovery Lodge Queenstown. According to him, their service was of international standards and he enjoyed it. CheaperthanHotels New Zealand has suitable accommodations for all types of visitors. So, book your hotel via, save some money and enjoy your visit to New Zealand.


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