May 7, 2008

Three-year-old Girl drove a Car

Again kids proved that they are the kids of 21st century! A three year old girl in Bulgaria enjoyed the car ride buy driving through a busy market. Karolina Gjursel, 3, climbed into the drivers seat when her dad got out at a street market in the town of Beli Lom in east Bulgaria. She turned on the engine and went for a ride! Can you believe this?

She went half a mile with two of her cousins in the back seat, before plunging into a river. Luckily some passers-by noticed them and saved their lives. Now local police are investigating the case. They are bleming the father, who was irresponsible enough to leave the children in a car with the keys in the ignition. That's God, no one was hurt in the incident.

Last month, one eight-year-old kid stole a dumper truck and went for a ride in Chorley, Lancashire. todays kids!


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