May 1, 2008

A fake cheque of £180 billion

Can you dare to cash a fake cheque of £180 billion? A Texan man has actually dared to do so! Charles Ray Fuller, 21, went to the Chase Bank in Fort Worth with the £180 billion cheque and tried to cash it. But employees at the bank became suspicious after looking at the amount and called the account holder to verify it. Then the real thing came out and police arrested the guy.

The account holder said that the suspect, Charles Ray Fuller, 21, was her daughter's boyfriend and did not have permission to take the cheque or cash it. So, police arrested Fuller on suspicion of fraud, along with unlawfully carrying a weapon and possession of marijuana.

Interestingly, Fuller claimed before police that he was starting his own record label and had been given the money by his girlfriend's mother to help him start it. Man, are you kidding?


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