Mar 5, 2008

Jailed for Overdue Library Books!

A US woman ended up in jail for overdue of library books! can you believe this? Keely Givhan, of Beloit, Wisconsin, was pulled over by traffic police because her number plate lightbulb was out. When officers ran checks, they found an arrest warrant had been issued after she failed to appear in court over unreturned items from the city library.

Police took her straight to Rock County Jail. At the time, neither she nor her family members had the money to pay her fine, so she remained in jail for six days.

Givhan, who had been in between homes at the time, said she never received the overdue notices from the library, reports the local Daily News. That meant she didn't see know anything about then three overdue item notices - or the court summons which led to a £165 fine.

Beloit Police Captain Bill Tyler said a municipal fine is a municipal fine. And library director Dan Zack said: "People can check out thousands of dollars of materials every year. All we ask is that they bring them back." Link


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