Mar 15, 2008

Love in Life and Time

Love! What is Love? Different people has different views about Love. The word "Love" is my most favorite word. For me, the word "Love" means "something that keeps me going" in this World. Love shows me the path and gives me strength to go on.

About love of my life? I have one and only one - my Sweetheart. I don't know, how I fall in love with her. But I am sure that I fall! I am in love with her, for four long years. And day by day, my love for her is increasing. This is the power of love. What about you, my friend? I am sure that you are also in love!

Frankly speaking, we are very open to each other. This helps us in going more deeper into the world of romance and love! During our busy life, we never forget to give proper attention and care to each other. Because, in Love, time is the most crucial thing. At least once in a week, we go out for a romantic dinner. At least once in a month, we go out for a short vacation. And at least once in a year, we go for a long, exotic vacation. With proper understanding we can easily manage these romantic outings and trips. And that's why we are happy!

My friend, if you are facing some trouble in your love life, give importance to the 'time' factor. Give time to your partner and everything gonna be alright! I am telling this from my own experience. Love builds relationships. Be a good lover and give all your love to your partner. Never allow breakup kind of things to come into your love life. Life is beautiful, because Love is there. Mind it!


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