Mar 22, 2008

Final Spacewalk of Endeavour's mission

After a final inspection of Endeavour's thermal shield, astronauts aboard the International Space Station began preparing for a Saturday spacewalk. Astronauts will store on the station, the laser-tipped boom they used to search for damage. The boom is used to check for problems with the shield that protects the ship from the searing heat of re-entry.

The boom is being left at the space station because there won't be room for it in Discovery's payload bay on its next mission because the enormous Japanese Kibo lab will take up almost every square inch.

Astronauts Robert Behnken and Michael Foreman plan to attach the 50-foot inspection boom to the outside of the space station on Saturday during the fifth and final spacewalk of Endeavour's mission. Discovery will carry the boom back to Earth after its mission ends. AP


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