Mar 15, 2008

Number Plate of Your Car

Got a brand new car! Now need a cool number plate? A good number plate can reflect your personality. So, try to give a personal touch to it! But, where you will get personalised number plates? Give a visit to Northumbria Numbers (, a company specialized in private Number Plates and personalised car registrations. Since 1995, Northumbria Numbers have supplied cool, personalised number plates to thousands of UK cars. Now this is your turn!

On their site, you can do a quick search for the available numbers, by entering your initials, name, car make etc. The results will surprise you! For example, we entered "BMW" and got some cool results including "AU02 BMW". What you think? Is it not a cool number plate for a BMW car?

They also have a cool feature called, "Make a Plate", where you can make your own number plate! You can also use their "Prefix Search" and "Current Style Search" features to find a great number plate for your new car. The good thing is that they will do all the paperwork for you. So, no need to worry about the hassles of registration. You can also check their Bargains page to get reductions of up to 50% on some cool personalised number plates.


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