Mar 15, 2008

Japan's Space Lab Installed

On Friday, astronauts have successfully installed the Japanese lab on the International Space Station. The Japanese logistics module (JLP) is the first component of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Kibo laboratory that will be operating as part of the ISS. Now, marking the beginning of Japan's scientific work aboard the station, ISS Commander Peggy Whitson and Japanese astronaut Takao Doi opened the module at 9:23 pm Friday (0123 GMT Saturday) and began transferring supplies and equipment into the new laboratory from the space shuttle Endeavour.

Engineers have also restored power to a Canadian-made robot Dextre. Dextre is the third and final component of the Canadarm Remote Manipulator System, the robotic arm that is Canada's vital contribution to the International Space Station. As Dextre was delivered to the space station in nine separate pieces, the astronauts will now use three of the Endeavour mission's five spacewalks to get it up and running. Link


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