Mar 31, 2008

Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulance! Ever heard about it? Have enough information about this service? An air ambulance is an aircraft used for emergency medical assistance in situations where either a traditional ambulance cannot easily or quickly reach the scene or the patient needs to be repositioned at a distance where air transportation is most practical. So, we must have some knowledge about the air ambulance services. Because, emergency comes without giving a hint!

If you want to get some good information about air ambulance services in the United States, visit They have 21 years of experience in the industry and their staff are experts in Air Ambulance Transport.

What is special about They provides excellent service to patients with the help of trained and experienced on board flight nurse and flight paramedics. Their air ambulance has state of the art medical equipments to provide the best service. They coordinate from bedside to bedside, while providing the same attention and support to all patients.

How air ambulance service works? They picks up the patient from hospital, home or facility and transfers the patient to the air ambulance. On air, their nurses takes care of the patient. Upon landing, their ground ambulance transports the patient to the bedside, nursing home or hospital.

Their Medical Flight Team Includes: Board Certified Flight Physicians, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, ICU/CCU Licensed Registered Nurses, Nationally Registered Flight Paramedics, Certified Respiratory Therapists and Emergency Medical Technicians(EMT).

The provides air ambulance service in 50 states of the US. Be it Florida, or New York or Hawaii, you will get there service every where! To know more about the air ambulance service near to you, visit Even you can contact them by using a simple online form.


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