Mar 21, 2008

Playing a Burning Piano!

Love to play piano? Would you like to play a burning piano? I thank that you will never want to do that. But one person actually did this. Yosuke Yamashita (66), a Japanese jazz pianist played a burning piano in Ishikawa Prefecture, western Japan. He amazed about 500 spectators by playing the piano for full ten minutes before all the strings were burnt out or snapped and the piano went quiet.

For pretection, Yamashita was wearing a firefighter's uniform. This performance was a reproduction of a scene from the 1973 movie "Burning Piano". In the movie also, Yamashita played the burning piano.

"I did not think I was risking my life but I was almost suffocating from the smoke that was continuously getting into my eyes and nose. I had decided to keep on playing until the piano stopped making sounds, so though I did not mean it but it ended up having a life-or-death battle between the piano and myself," said Mr Yamashita. Link


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