Mar 17, 2008

Most Dangerous School Run

Take a look at the image. For years the children of Maji village in Fugong town, Yunnan province, China, has been using a cable to cross the raging torrent of Nujiang River. They used to slide and haul themselves along a 200m cable twice a day to attend their school.

After this dangerous river crossing appeared on a Chinese TV programme called "The Most Dangerous School Run", people started to raise money to build a bridge. All total of £25,000 came in as donations and the bridge was built within three months. Now, the dangerous school run came to an end, with the opening of this new 170m long bridge. This bridge will ensure security of those 500 children of Maji village.

"Our kids no longer need to risk their lives to go to school," said a joyful villager. Link


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