Mar 23, 2008

Teenage Boy cycled 600 miles

A teenage Dutch boy traveled 600 miles on a bicycle, before caught by the cops! How it happened? Collin Baker, 16, ran away from his home in Holland and headed to China with just £6, a map, a book, some crisps and a bottle of mineral water.

But, cops caught him in Poland, after he cycled 600 miles from his home into Germany and across Poland! Residents in Przemkow, a town in south west Poland, phoned the local police after discovering a boy at a bus stop, who 'looked lost', and spoke no Polish.

Later, Collin told the police that he had left home for China because he did not like his mother's new husband. He had only £6 with him, but said he was still determined to get to China by bike.

"I want to go there, because I've never been there," Collin said.


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