Mar 5, 2008

Lifecar - a Green Sports Car

A cool "zero-emission" sports car with a top speed of nearly 100mph is set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The hydrogen-powered Lifecar, based on the design of the Morgan Aero-8 roadster, produces little noise and only water vapour from its exhaust.

The lightweight model packs advanced fuel cells and an energy storage system that gives the car a range of 250 miles (400km) per tank of hydrogen. The fuel cells in the Lifecar produce about 22 kilowatts - roughly one fifth of the amount of power of a typical combustion engine.

Lifecar has been developed by a consortium of UK companies and universities. The £1.9m project to build the Lifecar was partly funded by the UK government. It took nearly three years to develop this this green car. Link


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