Mar 30, 2008

HDPE products and Recycling

Have you heard about HDPE? High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) is a form of recyclable plastic, that is commonly used in manufacturing of consumer products. It was invented by Paul Hogan and Robert Banks of Phillips Petroleum in 1951. Chemically, is a polymer molecule where all the atoms are linked together in a long chain. HDPE is created by a catalytic process, and is normally prepared from ethylene. HDPE's melting point of 130 degrees Celsius and it is resistant to alcohols, acids and bases. HDPE is strong but lightweight and absorbs very little moisture. That's why it is used in manufacturing of different products.

HDPE has been approved of as a product for food packaging by various institutions, including the FDA, NSF and USDA. Nowadays HDPE is used in a wide range of applications and products. From detergent bottles to milk jugs, and from the laboratory to household chemicals, HDPE products are used every where.

The good thing is that HDPE Material can be recycled. Recyclable waste of HDPE is called as Scrap HDPE. They comes in all forms, shapes and colors. Before starting the process of recycling, the recyclable HDPE materials are sorted and cleaned. It helps in adding value to the quality of recycled products. Then contamination free flakes of Scrap HDPE is used to manufacture new products such as bags, bottles, containers, clothing, carpet, drums, plastic lumber, etc.

HDPE is an important and remarkable substance. Recycling of this kind of plastic products will help us to keep this world clean. So, don't throw away your plastic wastes. Just collect and put them in special bin, from which the wastes will be picked by a public or private hauling company.


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