Mar 13, 2008

Endeavour docked with ISS

On Wednesday, US space shuttle Endeavour is successfully docked with the International Space Station. Right after docking, Endeavour's astronauts got to work unloading the parts they will need to build a giant Canadian robot, named Dextre. On late Thursday night, astronaut Richard Linnehan and Garrett Reisman will begin assembling the Dextre, during the first space walk of Endeavour's 16-day mission.

Dextre is designed to assist spacewalking astronauts and to take over some of their dangerous outdoor work. It will be equipped with lights, video equipment, a tool platform and four tool holders.

In addition to the Dextre, Endeavour also delivered the first piece of Japan's new space station lab, Kibo. The storage compartment will be attached to the International Space Station on Friday. AP


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