Jun 8, 2008

2 men Climbs New York Times Building

On Thursday, Jun 5, two men climbed the 52-story New York Times building in midtown Manhattan. Interestingly, neither man wore a rope or harness while climbing the skyscraper. Police arrested both men after they reached the top of the building.

The first man climber was Alain Robert, who is best known as the "French Spider Man" for climbing buildings and monuments around the world. He also unfurled a banner that said "Global warming kills more people than a 9/11 every week."

A few hours later another man Renaldo Clarke, who is from Brooklyn made his own ascent up the building. He said that through the climbing he wanted to promote awareness about malaria.

The daredevils drew attention of hundreds of onlookers. Crowds on the street pressed against police barricades to watch the climb, and people clapped and cheered while snapping pictures on their cell phones.

After arrest, both were charged with reckless endangerment, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. Robert also was charged with making graffiti for posting the banner about global warming on the side of the building. Image: New York Times

Watch the video to see the daredevils in action:


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