Jun 9, 2008

Beijing National Stadium or Bird's Nest

This is Beijing National Stadium, also known as the National Stadium, or the "Bird's Nest", which will host the main track and field competitions for the 2008 Summer Olympics, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. It is located east of the Beijing National Aquatics Centre.

This beautiful stadium was designed by Herzog & de Meuron (The winner of 2001 Pritzker Prize) with the help of contemporary Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei as an artistic consultant for design.

The "Bird's Nest" stadium can seat as many as 91,000 spectators during the Olympics. The capacity will then be reduced to 80,000 after the Games. The stadium uses 258,000 square metres of space and has a usable area of 204,000 square metres. It was built with 36 km of unwrapped steel, with a combined weight of 45,000 tonnes. The stadium has some 11,000 square metres of underground rooms with waterproof walls.


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