Jun 23, 2008

Singing Wolves of China

Wolves in a Chinese zoo can sing a song. Can you believe this? Sounds strange, but it is true. All 30 wolves at the Chongqing Wild Zoo, China can sing to a rhythm and now they are ready to learn disco dancing!

How all these started? Luo Yong, who works at Chongqing Wild Zoo, told local media that he discovered the wolves' talents by accident, when he was playing guitar and singing the song 'I Am A Wolf From The North'. Listening to his song, a wolf walked up to him and howled with the rhythm. The wolf also patted the guitar strings with his claw. It gave Luo a hint and he started to teach the wolves to sing.

Now all the 30 wolves can sing. Luo is searching someone to write a song for the wolves and teach them some disco dancing!


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