Jun 30, 2008

The Buzzball

Take a look at the red ball in the picture above. This is Buzzball, an interesting product to play around. Wait, this is not like ordinary bikes or vehicles. The Buzzball delivers a thrill like no other interactive ride can, where the pilot has the power to create their own unique ride experience. The Buzzball is a future product that is right now in development.

At the heart of the Buzzball is a dual motor configuration, enabling the pilot to control the motion and direction of travel via left and right control triggers, which provides power to the driving wheels. The amount of power applied to each wheel will determine the direction the Buzzball moves. Powering one wheel will spin the pod and pilot on it's axis around the inside of the ball changing the direction of travel. If power is applied equally to both wheels the pod will rear up as the wheels climb up the face of the ball forcing the ball to rotate around the pod and powering the Buzzball forward. Link


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