Jun 27, 2008

Chinese Flying Saucer

Finally, we will be able to see men-made flying saucers in our skies! A Chinese company has invented a prototype flying saucer that can hover in the sky at heights upto 3,200 feet and can be controlled remotely. The unmanned flying saucer is 1.2 metres (4 feet) in diameter and is able to take off and land vertically. Its top speed is 80 km (50 miles) per hour.

Harbin Smart Special Aerocraft Co Ltd, the company who invented this interesting flying saucer has successfully tested it in the skies above Harbin City in China's Heilongjiang Province. It is reported that the company has spent 28 million yuan (about 4.1 million dollars) in the project and it took them 12 years to develop the prototype flying saucer. This propeller driven, remotely controlled flying saucer can be used for aerial photography, geological surveys and emergency lighting. Link


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