Jun 5, 2008

ISS Toilet fixed!

On Wednesday, astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS) have fixed the toilet, that was causing problems to the on board crew. The special toilet has a separate system for handling liquid and solid waste, and the systems are designed to work without the help of any gravity. Though the solid waste system was working properly, it was the liquid waste system that was nonfunctional. It is a great relief for the astronauts living in the $100 billion space station.

For a fortnight the three man crew aboard ISS had been forced to visit the lavatory in pairs and operate the pump manually. It was a time consuming and very unpleasant chore for the crew members. That's why Space Shuttle Discovery brought a replacement pump and an astronaut plumber to the space station.

On arrival, Russian astronaut Oleg Kononenko immediately worked to fix the fault and installed new parts on the Russian-made toilet. Fixing of this problem opened doors to the Japanese Kibo lab.


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