Jun 12, 2008

Blogging, Success and Pitfalls

Probably, you have already heard many stories about blogging success. I am sure about this because, there are hundreds of Make Money Online blogs and most of them regularly reports the success stories in blogging. What you may not comprehend about is that there are further many bloggers who have fallen into some of the pitfalls of blogging when they first started their own. And also take note, some of these are the same persons who are so good in running their own business!

Now, the question arises: "Why do this competitive and successful people fall short when it comes to blogging?"

The probable answer is - "Blog pitfalls". Not knowing what are these and how to best avoid them, many people are falling into this pitfall of blogging. There different pitfalls in blogging that you need to be aware of to ensure you do not make the same mistakes that others have fallen into.

How you can fall into these pitfalls?
  • You are writing nonsense instead of trying to provide answers to questions your consumers have.
  • You have no blog category. The readers are confused about what topics are you writing about.
  • You pretend to be an expert in order to build more credibility but in reality, you do not have any idea about the field.
  • Your blog does not reflect you and your business. So, readers get confused.
  • Your blogs have no appropriate contents posted, except the marketing materials!
  • You have no idea about other blogs in the same field. You don't know what is happening in your niche market.
  • You have not visited your blog for some time and there is no updates.
So, if you want to be successful in blogging, try to avoid the above pitfalls. Make your own plan and work hard to take your blog to the next level. Otherwise, it is your blog, your life. You can off course ruin it!


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