Jun 14, 2008

Why I am with Blogger?

Why still I am with Blogger? Many people ask me this question. Even some of my readers gave me advice to move to my own domain. Then also I am with Blogger - the most popular free blogging platform. Why?

I am with Blogger due to a number of reasons. Let's talk about a few of them:
  • I love the Blogger platform. It is simple and easy to manage, though some popular features are missing here.
  • Blogger helps me to get some good quality traffic. It naturally drives some traffic towards me.
  • Search engines loves this platform and indexes pages very fast. I think the permalink structure is one of the reason.
  • Blogger templates are very easy to modify and there are lots free resources about Blogger over internet.
  • Though it is a sub domain, I am happy with it.
There are some others reasons that I can't share here. Well, I am happy with Blogger and I will continue blogging with Simple Browser on this free platform.


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