Jun 4, 2008

Boy, 4, addicted to Smoking!

A four-year-old boy in Taiwan has been sent to a rehabilitation center after he became addicted to smoking cigarettes and cigars! Can you believe this? Sounds strange, but it actually happened in Gaoxiong city, Taiwan.

The father caught two of his sons, aged nine and four, when they were stealing his cigarettes and cigars. The boys admitted stealing and said they did it because they thought their father looked "cool" when he smoked. Even the four-year-old kid admitted that he pleaded with his brother to borrow cigarettes from classmates when they failed to steal any from their father.

Now, the father has started taking his sons to a nearby rehabilitation center to overcome their nicotine addiction. The rehab center criticized him for failing to continue treatment alongside his children. Well, we think that it is the fault of the father, who smokes in front of his kids. via Ananova.


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