Jun 13, 2008

What Blogging gave Me?

Why I blog? What I got from blogging? People used to ask me this type of questions. I simply give them a simple. Because I know what I got from blogging and why I blog. And they will never understand the importance and impact of blogging in my life.

I started blogging when Blogger was launched. I continued for a few months and moved towards websites. And with time my blog died. But I was never satisfied with websites. Because blogs are extremely dynamic and comes with a personal touch. So, I returned to blogging in 2006. I have created uncountable blogs. Some for my own use and some for friends. Some blogs are still alive and some lost due to inactivity. Still I love blogging and now it is my profession.

Yes, I have taken blogging as my profession and quit my managerial level job. It shocked my family members and friends. I don't care. Because this is what I love to do. Thanks God, my life partner supported me and encouraged to continue.

Now, I am a happy person. Blogging is now supporting my life and I seems like I can't live without it! Am I addicted to it? I don't know. Blogging also gifted me some nice friends. And I am sure that these friends will stay with me forever.

What about you friend? Do you love blogging? What is your story? Feel free to share it.


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