Oct 7, 2007

Blindfold Rubik's Cube Competition

This year's fourth Rubik's Cube world championship began in Budapest on Friday. One of the attractions of this championship was the blindfold competition. There, blindfold players tried to solve the game by memorizing the position of key cubes before covering their eyes.

The mechanical puzzle, invented in 1974 by engineer Erno Rubik, sparked a global craze in the early 1980s. An estimated 9 million cubes were sold last year, taking the all-time total to more than 300 million units.

In this World Championship, prizes will be awarded in 17 categories, as experts try to solve the classic 3x3 cube and its variations while blindfolded, with one hand, or with their feet. via AP & Daily Mail

Watch this video of Rubik's Cube blindfolded speedcubing world record during the Caltech Dallas Summer 2005.


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