Oct 16, 2007

Toyger - the beautiful designer Cat

A Cat or a Tiger? This is a Toyger - a designer cat specially bred to look like a small tiger! The Toyger has distinctive orange and black striped coat, similar to a tiger. They looks like tiger, but still they have the nature of domestic cat and loves to swim and fetch a ball. So, it attracts more animal lovers. Some animal lovers are willing to pay up to £2,500 for a kitten.

Gaynor Jean-Louis, a Toyger breeder, said: "People love Toygers because they resemble a tiger and look so different from other domestic cats."

The Toyger was the result of a 15 year programme by American cat lover Judy Sudgen who wanted to create a miniature tiger. Judy spotted a wild tabby roaming the streets that had stripes similar to a big cat so she picked it up and took it home to breed with her pets. Over the following years she added other felines with tiger features into the generation line to get the rounded nose, defined muzzle and black tail tip. By 1995 Judy was satisfied with her creation and began selling the exclusive Toygers on to fellow breeders and then to pet owners. Link


Anonymous said...

toyger iz soooooo cute....kinda reminds me of my cat.
theres 2 differences though....my cat iz brown, black n white and he looks like a mini bobcat...lol

Anonymous said...

toyger iz sooo cute...kinda reminds me of my cat except mine iz black, brown, and white and he looks like a min bobcat

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