Oct 17, 2007

McCanns to continue their campaign

The McCanns will continue to campaign for Madeleine's safe return. According to their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, an £80,000 poster campaign was launched yesterday to target remote villages in Southern Portugal and Spain. On the other hand, Portuguese police are trying to collect evidences to relate the McCanns with Madeleine's disappearance.

Yesterday, the spokesman of McCanns admitted for the first time that Madeleine's parents know she is probably dead. But they have not given up hope that she could be alive. This is the human nature that you always fear the worst, said the spokesman.

The McCanns are facing new claims that evidence of a decomposing body was found in their hired car. Portuguese police sources allege forensic test results show "bodily fluid" from a corpse in the boot of the Renault Scenic rented by Kate and Gerry McCann 25 days after Madeleine went missing. They are also claiming that the evidence was found on the underside of a carpet, indicating that a body was deliberately hidden there.

On the other hand, a computer used by Gerry McCann has been seized by police investigating the case. Detectives want to check the desktop computer's history to see which websites were visited in the days and weeks after Madeleine disappeared. They will also monitor email traffic to and from the McCanns, provided the trawl gets the go-ahead from a judge.

Mr Gerry McCann and his wife Kate set up a mini-office from their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz after the disappearance of Madeleine, in order to campaign for the safe return of their daughter. Link


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