Oct 25, 2007

Flying Car - The Transition from Terrafugia

A US company have developed a car that can easily beat traffic jams by flying over it! Take a look at the image. The Transition from Terrafugia is a four-wheeled car which is also a plane. So, this is the car of future!

At the touch of a button the Transition from Terrafugia four-wheeled car extends a pair of wings either side of its main body. The prototype, which runs on super unleaded petrol, cruises at 120mph and lands at 65mph.

The Transition will use low-cost electronics and feature GPS and auto-pilot weather radar. By next December, the company will start regular production of the Transition and each car will cost you £74,000.

Chief operating officer, Anna Mracek Dietrich, said: "It will take just a few seconds to transform and will be fully automated after the command is given in the cockpit. We're currently sold out for at least the first year, approaching the first two of production". Link


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