Oct 25, 2007

First commercial flight of Airbus A380

The world's largest passenger plane, the giant Airbus A380 superjumbo, has finally completed its first commercial flight. A total of 471 passengers were on today's flight of Airbus A380 which belongs to Singapore Airlines. It started the journey from Singapore's Changi airport and touched down at Sydney airport around 8.25am UK time.

The oldest passenger aboard was great-grandmother Eileen Gower, from Sevenoaks, Kent. She was accompanied by her banker son, Gary, 42, who was selected by the airline from thousands who had taken up the airline's offer to bid for tickets on eBay.

The unique bidding process has raised more than £600,000 for charity. Julian Hayward, 38, from UK paid £50,000 to be in one of the luxurious first-class suites on this first flight. Link


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