Oct 23, 2007

Coca Cola vending machine Skirts

A new designer skirt, that protects you! Take a look at the images. This skirt helps the wearer to disguise as a Coca Cola machine! Ms Tsukioka, 29, the designer of this vending machine skirt hopes that it will help to ease women's fear of crime.

Ms Tsukioka unveiled her design in Tokyo. The wearer needs to lift a flap on the skirt, to expose a large sheet of cloth printed with the familiar bright red Coca Cola logo. The idea of this skirt was inspired by a trick used by Japanese ninjas, who cloaked themselves in black blankets so they couldn't be seen at night. A deluxe model of the skirt even boasts four sides for a more complete cover.

Ms Tsukioka said: "It is just easier for Japanese to hide. Making a scene would be too embarrassing."

She has already sold 20 of the £400 hand-sewn vending machine skirts. Now, she aims to market the design worldwide. Link


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