Oct 12, 2007

The unusual Bus stop of California

What was that on the picture? It is a bus stop at Pacific View mall in Ventura, California. It is a work of Vennis Oppenheim. It was created in 2002 and called as 'Bus Home'. Many people thinks that it is an weird imagination and the bust stop is the weirdest in the World.

Let's see what the creator says about this artistic and unusual bus stop.

"Bus Home is a shelter. The work depicts the metamorphosis of a bus becoming a house. This frozen animation of one image into another takes the form of a looping corkscrew entering the ground and coming up again. It slowly transforms from a bus to a house... For the tired and often alienated traveler the experience of waiting wished to be intervened by the realization that the transaction will be complete. The passengers will arrive at their destination. They will arrive home." Link


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