Oct 9, 2007

Judge sent back to Law School

Something funny, but essential for a safer law and order! A judge in New Delhi, India has been ordered to return to Law School by the High Court, on the grounds that they say he doesn't understand the law. On Friday, Judge R. K. Tiwari was told to return for a three-month refresher course, after issuing an arrest warrant in defiance of a previous High Court ruling.

'Since Tiwari does not have even elementary knowledge of the criminal law and procedure it would be appropriate that he undergoes a refresher course at Delhi Judicial Academy,' Justice V.B. Gupta wrote.

The move comes after a series of high-profile cases that have been overturned by the High Court or the national Supreme Court, citing lack of legal understanding by lower court judges.

For example, a recent arrest warrant issued by a low court judge against Hollywood actor Richard Gere for publicly kissing an actress - allegedly in contravention of India's obscenity laws. Tiwari had ordered police to detain a landlord in a case where his tenant had failed to pay the power company, despite a previous High Court ruling that the landlord could not be held responsible. Link


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