Oct 17, 2007

Race between Man and Cheetah!

A man racing a Cheetah! Can you believe this? It was a real stunt performed by South Africa's flying winger Bryan Habana, for a promotion. Habana is regarded as the fastest rugby player on the planet, who can run 100m in 11 seconds. But organisers decided even he needed help against an animal which can accelerate from 0-60mph in three seconds and has a top speed of 70mph. So, they gave him a 30m head start.

The cheetah was chasing a leg of lamb propelled in front of it and a man with a tranquiliser gun was on hand to stop unwanted situation! But, it was never required and the race was a draw! Link

Watch the video of this race between Man and Cheetah:


Winger said...

good post
Bryan Habana is very fast i saw him when i bought tickets VS Bulls in Super 14.

There is one man faster he is Toderai Chavhanga and plays Springboks.

You can watch his videos here. Fastest rugby players

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