Oct 11, 2007

New move from Portugese Police in Madeleine case

The Portugese Police are indirectly targeting paedophiles to get a lead in the missing Madeleine McCann case. Last night about 300 police officers raided different spots accross the country to smash a major paedophile ring. Called as Operation Predator, it was the biggest-ever operation of its kind in Portugal.

The Portugese officers seized a huge number of child pornography from 150 computers and 80 suspects. Though the raid was not officially linked to the Madeleine case, officers are searching the seized pictures to find any picture of Madeleine.

Experts at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection unit in London are already using state-oftheart facial recognition software to scan computer porn for Madeleine.

On the other hand, officers have returned to the McCanns' holiday apartment for the first time in three months, and police in Britain have been asked to obtain DNA samples and fingerprints from some 350 tourists who stayed in the Ocean Club complex in Praia da Luz. via DailyMail


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