Oct 13, 2007

Independent lab found Lead in Lipstick

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics says an independent lab tested 33 red lipsticks in US, and discovered one third of them contained high levels of lead. The lipsticks apparently had more than 0.1 parts per million of lead. This was the limit for lead in candy, as per the standard of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Lead is a neurotoxin and can cause health problems, including learning disabilities, behavioral problems, stunted growth, and mental retardation. Young children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to lead exposure.

There is no standard limit for lead in lipstick. Now, the FDA will investigate claims about lead content in US made lipsticks.

The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association says, "For decades, cosmetic companies have worked to minimize all product contamination, including lead. They actively and continually review all raw materials to ensure that they contain the lowest levels of impurities possible. The average amount of lead a woman would be exposed to when using cosmetics is one-thousand times less than the amount she would get from eating, breathing, and drinking water that meets e-p-a drinking water standards."

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics lists these among the top brands testing positive for lead: L'Oreal Colour Riche "True Red" 0.65ppm L'Oreal Colour Riche "Classic Wine" 0.58 ppm Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor "Maximum Red" 0.56ppm Dior Addict "Positive Red" 0.21 ppm. Link


Lead in Lipstick said...

First, kids dying from lead in toys. Now, they find high levels of lead in lipsticks. What's next - lead in food? Are women going to start dying now too from using lipstick too much?


I have read a detailed report about it at:

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