Oct 12, 2007

Fans build Transformers from Citroen C2 car

Three fans of 'Transformers' have built their own robot out of a Citroen C2 car. Sui Lulu, Zhang Yiming and Li Wei, from Nanjing city, China have named the 15ft Transformer 'X2', reports the Jinling Evening Post.

X2 is loosely based on the Bumblebee and Jazz Transformers in the movie 'Transforemrs'. X2 can bend legs with the help of two hydraulic pressure rods, and the finger joints also moves. They also added a pedrail to X2's feet.

"We are huge Transformers fans, and grew up with them on TV and in comic books. We always wanted to have our own transformer, a real one," says graphic designer Sui Lulu.

They admited that, because of financial constraints, their Transformer can't actually do much transforming. The youngsters now wants to make a giant Transformer based on 'Optimus Prime' from the movie. Link


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