Oct 5, 2007

Jungle Girl Returns to the Wild

A woman who lived in the jungle for 18 years, has run away from her family and again returned to the wild. She returned to the wild, ten months after being found. Ro Cham H'pnhieng, 27, was discovered on the edge of the Cambodian jungle in January after she was caught trying to steal food left under a tree.

She was able to speak only three words - mother, father and stomachache. She was identified as a local village girl, who had disappeared at age eight. Her father Sa Lou, instantly recognised her from a childhood scar.

Earlier this year, her mother, Rochom Soy, said Ro had found it difficult adjusting to life with humans. "She is clearly baffled by her surroundings. She hardly sleeps and mostly sits in a corner looking quickly from left and right. She can't speak more than a few grunts and she still walks hunched like an animal." she said.

Mr Lou, a village policeman, warned Ro may have run away to find "her wild man". When she was captured, some witnesses claimed to have seen a naked, ape-like man who managed to slip away into the wild. Link


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