Oct 3, 2007

Kate Moss Mascara Ad Banned

A Mascara ad showing Kate Moss sporting "traffic stopping" eyelashes have been banned after complaints that the supermodel's lashes were false. This ad was prepared by J Walter Thompson (JWT), for 'Rimmel' and Kate Moss appeared in both Magazine ad and TV commercial. Through the ads, Rimmel was trying to tell that the 'Magnif'eyes mascara' produced 70 per cent more lift, with a 'unique vertical life brush' helping wearers 'get the London look'.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) investigated some complaints that the lashes were false and also challenged whether Rimmel could back up their claim that the mascara provided 70 per cent more lift. Rimmel failed to provide proper proof about their claim.

Because the claim '70% more lash lift' referred to an increase in the appearance of the lash length, and not an actual increase, ASA concluded that the ad could mislead.

ASA told Rimmel not to repeat the ad in its present form and advised them to include a disclaimer in future ads where post production techniques had been used to increase the effects of a product, or where false lashes had been used. Link


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