Oct 3, 2007

Thief Lifted a Replica of Police!

Look at the picture. In the middle, it is a life-size, cardboard cut-out replica of PC Bob Molloy. It was used in shops to prevent thefts. The good things is that - it works! But, in a Co-op store in Long Eaton, a thief lifted this Policeman under his arm! Funny?

Police thinks that it was an act of revenge, as thefts had fallen from 36 per month to just one since the PC Molloy's 2D presence was introduced two years ago! This £100 cut-out, has been rotated between stores across Belper and Long Eaton.

The real PC Molloy will continue patrolling his in Langley Mill, and will now be keeping an eye out himself for his alter ego. He said: 'The cut-outs suggest a police presence in your mind – they do have a psychological effect.' Link


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