Oct 1, 2007

They're Not Twins!

Look at the babies. They are Ame and Lia, both are five-month-old, born to the same mother just minutes apart. But, they are not twins! They were conceived three weeks apart due to a million-to-one medical rarity known as superfetation. When doctors performed an emergency caesarean delivery on their mother Amelia Spence, Ame was born at 29 weeks and Lia at 32.

Miss Spence, 29, who lives in Glasgow said: "It is hard to get our heads around the fact that I was pregnant with two babies at the same time and they aren't twins."

Miss Spence became pregnant twice in three weeks while she was taking the contraceptive pill. It is just unbelievable.

Doctors have explained that hers is a rare case of superfetation, where the body carries on releasing more eggs for fertilisation after a pregnancy has already occurred. This occurs when eggs from two separate menstrual cycles are released, as opposed to normal non-identical twins where more than one egg is released in a single cycle. Link


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