Jul 22, 2008

$1000 Reward for finding a Missing Cat

This is Dipity, a grey female cat, who was last seen in the parking lot of the Second Cup in South Edmonton Common on June 24. Yes, Dipity is a missing cat and now for her safe return, $1,000 is up as reward!

Kelley Abercrombie, the owner, said Dipity had squeezed out of her car through a window, while she was in the coffee shop for a business meeting. The cat was wearing a pink dress at the time of missing and weighs about five kilograms. Dipity was also wearing an ID collar with Abercrombie's name and phone number, as well as a microchip with identifying information.

As per a witness,a blonde, petite woman between 17 and 21 years old scooped the cat up, saying that a feline shouldn't be wearing a dress. Abercrombie is asking that her cat be returned to any shelter or veterinarian's office, or that anyone who knows where Dipity is call Crime Stoppers or the Edmonton police. CBCNews


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