Jul 13, 2008

Race Horse Training Car

Take a look at the vehicle above. This is a "Race Horse Training Car" developed by Roush Technologies for Turkish-based, Kurt Systems. This unique car features a Volvo 2.4-litre, 5-cylinder diesel engine, a conventional automotive automatic gearbox and a cabin for a crew of three. One can use it for continuous monitoring of the animal at speeds of up to 60 km/h.

The spacious cabin in this Race Horse Training Car, which is mounted rearward of the horse, comes with a centrally mounted driver’s seat and additional seats for a trainer and a veterinary specialist. The trainer car also features 12-volt and 240-volt electrical supplies, a computerized heart, blood, oxygen and fitness monitoring system and a silicone saddle to simulate jockey weights.

This 4 tons vehicle effectively provides a moving enclosure similar to a starting stall, in which the race horse can walk, trot or full gallop freely in a controlled environment, while being monitored and trained to optimize the performance. It is definitely a perfect tool for the 21st century racing industry. Kurt Systems will soon start it's serial production.


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