Jul 14, 2008

Car comes home after 14 years

Milos and Spomenka Jokic, a couple from Setic in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, have found their stolen VW Golf car after 14 years. Their VW Mark II Golf car was stolen in 1994, after they parked it on a street in Belgrade during a holiday. But, last week, police found it during a routine roadside check and returned it to them. Can you believe this? Is it possible?

Spomenka Jokic, 51, said: "Me and my husband thought it was a joke at first but the police told us they had stopped a driver during a routine roadside check and realised it was stolen and then traced it back through old records to us.

Interestingly, the insurance company that had already paid out compensation for the stolen car, don't want it back as it's not worth anything now. The car still drives well and the couple is happy to get back their old car. Link


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