Jul 28, 2008

How Fasting Helped Me?

Recently, I was advised by my doctor to go for fasting! Sounds odd? A doctor is advising a patient to go for fasting? Why? I was having some minor stomach related complications. So, I went to a family doctor, who is also a good friend of mine. He examined me complications and found that it is not a serious problem. My liver is healthy and working nicely. But, the problem is that my digestion process is running too fast and gas is developed too often in my stomach. So, he advised me to go for fasting!

What is fasting? In simple words, fasting is a process of abstaining for food and or drink for a specific period of time. The reasons of fasting may be different for different individual. Some people may go for fasting due to religious reasons, while some people may wan to fast due to personal conviction or advise. But, one thing is right that, for ages fasting has been used as an effective treatment to many common diseases and illnesses. I have found the evidence of it's effectiveness after following one month of fasting schedule.

As advised by my friend, I started my fasting on the first Monday of June. I escaped food during the day and took light food during night. This continued for the next three Mondays. And now, after fasting for four consecutive Mondays, I am feeling much better. I think, my metabolic processes are working fine and there is no sign of earlier complications. So, fasting helped me to recover from those complication, without taking any medicines.

Note: Though fasting is being used and advised for ages, it may harm you, if followed without proper guidance. In some cases fasting may result in bad effects. So, never try to go for fasting without the advise of an expert. Because, for a good health, food is necessary!


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